We love what surrounds us

Farm stays in La Garrotxa

Area of natural interest

Mas Pineda is located in a natural and unique setting within the Area of Natural Interest (PEIN) of the Alta Garrotxa. For this reason, we could not offer accommodation if it were not from respect and love for nature. We seek to offer you maximum comfort respecting and taking care of our environment, which is what gives us life.

Sustainable and conscious tourism

At Mas Pineda they promote a way of travelling and enjoying respect and care for the environment, sustainable and conscious tourism. We recommend walking tours from the farmhouse and the surrounding area, as well as the surrounding villages, to discover the culture and customs of the people of the region.

Built sustainably

The original construction of the farmhouse, more than 800 hundred years ago, was completely sustainable. Everything necessary for its construction was in the valley of Oix. From their materials to their workers. In the restoration, the same principle was taken into account and the insulation of the roofs was also improved, achieving passive energy savings.

Proximity products

As for meals, we use organic and/or local food, tried to support the local economy, consuming and sharing products from the region.

Electricity from 100% renewable energy

In order to offer maximum comfort and sustainability, it has renewable energy sources, respectful of the natural environment and the environment. It is for this reason that we use solar panels for hot water and to maintain a temperature constant inside and renew the air. We also have air conditioning with aerothermal and restored cast iron radiators. Electricity from 100% renewable energy and the use of firewood from our forests to heat the rooms and common spaces and do forest cleaning.

We like animals

We make natural composting, and hens and rabbits also help with organic remains. We also breed, once a year, a few pigs for own consumption and for the meals we offer. We breed them in pasture, on 3 hectares where they help to keep that forest clean and cared for.

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