The soul of Mas Pineda

"Life brings you opportunities and I think, some, you can't miss."

Hi, it's Laia. And I welcome you to my dream: Mas Pineda.

A project that has accompanied me since 2015, with a lot of love and a lot of dedication. And I have to tell you: it was love at first sight.
In 2008, when my husband took me to see this house, it was not yet Mas Pineda. They were only stones, unfinished roofs, there was not too much green, since there were the stones, that worked the stonemason, the old radiators, the floor tiles, the wooden beams... but I fell in love.
It was a feeling, a strange feeling, a connection at first sight. Since that day, I always thought about the house. It was a fixation inside me. Time was passing and the reforms were progressing very slowly. It was a lot of work for my father-in-law, but little by little everything was taking shape and there came a time when we had to decide whether we would rent it or make use of it.
At that time, I had recently passed breast cancer, with all that entails, and having been a year off. Once surpassed, as my husband worked in Barcelona, we decided to move there, to change airs. I found a quiet, simple job, but that allowed me to work without much worries. But we never finished adapting to the city. We always had in mind Oix and the house. Then, there was the possibility that I managed Mas Pineda. I come from tourism and advertising but I had never thought of managing a rural house, until that moment when it was shown as the thing I wanted most.
My husband and I got married in Mas Pineda. A year after our wedding, we opened to the public. I was so eager - and even now I have them - to share Mas Pineda with everyone. That they could enjoy it, live it and love it as much as I love it. I don't completely believe in fate but I have to say that life has been taking me from an early age to where I am now. I was born in Anglès (La Selva), being the youngest of 3 brothers, I spent many hours with my grandparents, who taught me to love plants, land, farm animals and things handmade and loving. My parents have taught me that things are only achieved with effort and perseverance. I have been instilled in an unconditional love for the nature that surrounds us and, above all, they have taught me that you have to take care of what you love.

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