Enjoy the most spacious room. Look through the window and discover the views of the valley and the calmness of the environment. When you go to sleep, your Elizabethan bed will make you travel in time. At the foot of the bed you will find a polychrome cradle from the s. XVIII. Both the bed, as well as the mirrors and the drawer of the Mas Ramon Pere room are Elizabethan style, from the middle of the 19th century. The table and an armchair are from the 19th century, and the Catalan wardrobe of the 18th century.


150x200cm Bed
High quality linen
Quality mattress
Bathroom with shower
100% Natural Bath Products - Ecocert and Ecolabel
Courtesy bathrobe and slippers
Hair dryer, mirror, towel heater
Free Rural WiFi
Buffet breakfast with local products
Furniture and decorative antiques


MAS RAMON PERE, added to Mas Pineda. In the year 1345, Feliu de Pera lived in the aforementioned house. Mas Ramon Pere is included in the list of sales made by the daughter of Pere de Bach in 1365. To be productive and very burdensome, Bartomeu Vilar, from the parish of Castellar, paid 12 annual salaries for the Christmas party, but he returned it. In 1417, it had been demolished and uninhabited for many years, the remaining lands were joined to Mas Pineda. For this union, the owner acknowledged that he had to pay 15 coins from Barcelona each year, by redemption of men and women. (A.M.S.D.G., papyrus No. 792)

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